Episode 8: Maui, festival season line-ups, and more

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In this episode:
Opening remarks: RIP Grandma Barb… made it even tougher to want to be back home in Iowa…
- Afterglow: NYE, getting sick, and falling in love with Bloodborne – will discuss during Game Time
- Afterglow: Maui for Lyd and I’s honeymoon

- The Drop: Festival line-up drops – Tomorrowland, Backwoods, and many more!
- The Drop: GRAMMYs results
- Playlist: What is on your January playlist or what did you listen to primarily this month?
- Game Time: Bloodborne, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses
- Game Time: Nick’s gaming since NYE
- Hype: I won tickets to Backwoods through The Festive Owl’s Owl Parliament! The weekend after KK
- Hype: Denver trip to see Becca and Peter, get lunch with my mom and her BF, and see Zhu at Red Rocks
- Hype: Excited to getting back to the gym regularly

Thanks, as always!